The Virtual Independent Learning Centre or VILC is an online service for English language learners, backed by the resources of AMES Australia, Australia's largest specialist provider of education and employment services for people with a language background other than English.

VILC is a subscription-based, not-for-profit service  for English language learners and ELT teachers and providers around the world.

VILC is:

  • one of Australia's most popular sources of online content for language learning.
  • contains tasks based on real web pages, everyday media, and free learning and information resources to help students and teachers use the Internet to meet curriculum goals.
  • encourages Internet use on an everyday basis allowing teachers and learners to use their Internet time most efficiently.

What's in VILC

Realweb: Realweb is a collection of hundreds of language learning tasks, on dozens of topics, for leading ELT curriculums, based on real web pages. Tasks are being constantly checked, upgraded and expanded.
Easynews: Easynews is a huge collection of news items prepared and read by professional journalists and newsreaders at Australia's Special Broadcasting Services SBS, with language learning activities prepared by AMES. New tasks, at three levels of difficulty, are posted fortnightly.
Checkout: Checkout is a collection of specially prepared language learning resources
Listen to this: A collection of listening resources (podcast) with English learning activities that on business, tourism and hospitality,studying in Australia and the safe use of medicines
Watch this: Video clips to download onto your computer, iPod, mp4player or mobile phone for independent or classroom learning. Life stories are vodcasts sourced from SBS television. Real stories based on life issues with language activities at up to 3 levels, scripts, teacher notes and related websites.

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Fee Structure and Joining VILC

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Articles about VILC

Some published and unpublished articles about VILC:

VILC as a Case Study on Media on the Move Commonwealth of Australia 2006
New Practices in Flexible Learning 2006 has explored the application of online casting in educational contexts. A number of different educational organisations have been involved in the development of this resource – a how and why for organisations. The Project researched new good practice models that will assist organisations wishing to embed online casting into the delivery of education and training programs within VTE and ACE learning environments.
Key questions addressed by this Project are:

Why would an organisation consider online casting as a flexible delivery option?
Why would an organisation choose online casting as a flexible delivery option?
What is involved for organisations wanting to include online casting in their education and training repertoire?

Taking the Web to task, NCELTR, Chris Corbel, Paul Gruba and Helen Enright
This research report examines the role of tasks in online language learning within the context of the AMEP. It identifies the issues in online task-based language teaching. It describes the historical context for task usage within the AMEP, and the VILC is presented as a case study to review online task-based activities.

The key findings of the study are applied to the teaching context, and revised procedures for creating task activities are described. The report concludes with recommendations for further research.

Online delivery in the vocational education and training sector: Improving cost effectiveness, Richard Curtain
A study on Improving the cost effectiveness of "online delivery in the vocational education and training sector", by the National Centre for Vocational Educational Research, based on six Australian case studies in which AMES (including VILC as well as our other online initiatives) was lead case study.

The Development of VILC, Chris Corbel
Extract from Taking the Web to Task NCELTR

Beyond Burn Rate: Sustainability Online, Chris Corbel
Paper presented at Australian Council of Adult Literacy Conference, Perth, October 2000

The Virtual ILC gets Real and Easy, Chris Corbel
VATME Newsletter April/May 2000

The Virtual Independent Learning Centre - Online for the rest of us, Chris Corbel
Literacy Link, April 2000

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Last updated 26 October 2016 

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